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Exchange your coins on Stake* casino with best rates! No registration!

Fee & limits

Review the limits and fees before sending any coins!

Minimum send: $...
Fee rate: ...

Currency Max. get Rate
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Exchange now

After reviewing fees, limits and accepted currencies, tip @poorbot on Stake. Then enter the details and complete your exchange!

Est. amount to get: ...
By exchanging, you agree to terms of service

Tips & FAQ

  • Make sure you send to the correct @poorbot account!
  • Min. send is the minimum amount you can send from the allowed currencies.
  • Max. get is the maximum amount you can get from that currency.
  • If you don't exchange your tip in 30 minutes, it will be refunded.
  • Tips cannot be splitted or combined. One tip = one exchange.
  • Exchange rates might fluctuate, please keep that in mind.
  • Prices and received tips are updated every 30 seconds.
  • In case there's any issues with your exchange, please contact support.